Past Conferences

The heart of Theology & Peace is the annual conference, which creates a meeting place for committed Christians, theologians, pastors, scholars, activists, authors and others concerned with the creation of an effective theology in response to the violence of our society, our culture, and ourselves. In particular, the organization is dedicated to the application of Rene Girard’s groundbreaking work in revealing the root of violence. Friendships have been developed and nourished as a strong community continues to study, worship and pray together.

In the sections devoted to past conferences you will find some of the presentations and ideas Theology and Peace addresses, including:

June 2014/UNC Chapel Hill, NC
“Barriers To Compassion”

June 2013/UNC Chapel Hill, NC:
“Lynching, Scapegoating & Actual Innocence”

June 2012/Notre Dame of Maryland, Baltimore:
“Christian Community Amid Cultural Chaos”

June 2011/Notre Dame of Maryland, Baltimore:
“Transforming Christianity”

June 2010/North Park University, Chicago:
“The Road To Humanity”

June 2009/Techny Towers Retreat Ctr., Chicago
“Girardian Discussions”

May 2008/Bon Secours, Maryland:
“Nonviolence, Forgiveness and Peace”

May 2007/Lancaster, Pennsylvania:
“Theologia Pacis”